As a mom, I know how time-consuming it can be to find the right toys for your child. Luckily, they don’t need 1,000 toys. Let’s declutter our homes and focus on the best toys in 12 essential play categories (thanks to Just go through the list and see what categories you are missing.

Make intentional choices, so you can enjoy more precious moments with your little ones.

Do you have an add-on for this list? Please let me know.
These are the best selected by you and me.

Category 1: Construction toys

I am not reviewing the different brands for blocks as there are plenty of website doing this. Choose your category and whether you prefer wood or plastic and see what suits you best for asthetics, pricing, versatility. A good tip for a review of standard blocks by a child can you find here.

Category 2: Small world play

Category 3: Figures/Characters

Category 4: Vehicles

Category 5: Stacking and nesting toys

Category 6: Fantasy play

Category 7: Sensory play

Category 8: Puzzles

Category 9: Indoor movement

Category 10: Craft

Category 11: Loose parts

Category 12: Music

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